September 14th Mediastorm Multimedia Narrative

You will be making multimedia narratives this year inspired by the Brooklyn based folks at Mediastorm.  The company was created by Brian Storm.  He believes that people are all storytellers and that it is people’s DNA to listen and share what means the most to us.   He challenges people living in this communications revolution to reach out to other people and raise their awareness in order to create positive change.  Mediastorm is a production studio that works with designers, news organizations, NGO’s and storytellers to create visual stories.

Here is Airsick by Toronto Star photographer Lucas Oleniuk.  Oleniuk shot over 20,0000 photographs in Ontario, Canada to illustrate the global problem of climate change.  Adding orinigal music by Randy Risling and quotes from his research, Oleniuk shows our addiction to fossil fuels.  His hope in making the visual storyteller was to make people aware of what is happening to the environment.

Created with 20,000 photographs and a haunting soundtrack, Airsick plays out like an unsettling dream. Photographer Lucas Oleniuk examines our addiction to fossil fuel – and its consequences. See the project at
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